WOODCARVINGS By Kathryn Houslet

About My Carvings

Welcome to my carving gallery.   All of my carvings are hand carved so each one is an original piece of art.  I work mostly in butternut, basswood or cottonwood bark.  My specialty is carving realistic animals.  

This carving is titled "Escape Hatch".   It depicts a coyote watching a hole that he saw a ground squirrel run into while the squirrel escapes out the rear door.

See examples of my relief carvings, woodburned animal portraits, walking sticks and canes in the photo gallery.

Relief Carvings

This carving of the gorilla is titled The Thinker and is an example of a deep relief carving.  It is carved in 3 to 4 inch thick wood and is flat on the back.  It can be set on a shelf or hung on a wall.  To see other deep relief carvings just click on the photos under the top banner.

Wood Burned Pet Portraits

Have your pet's portrait wood burned and painted on birch.  All I need is a good photo of your cat or dog or whatever pet you have.

Carved In The Round

This ringtail cat is an example of a carving in the round.  It is carved on all sides.  See more of this type in my phots section by clicking on photos under the top banner.



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About Me

Although I studied art in college, it was not till I retired in 1992 that I found woodcarving.  I love working in the third dimention.  I live in Arizona half the year and spend the summer months in Wisconsin or traveling in my motor home.  I carve for a few hours nearly every day.

I belong to several carving clubs in Tucson, Arizona; the Soutwest Woodcarvers Association, the Western Whittlers and the Rincon Carvers where I do some teaching. I love getting new carvers started and helping others improve their skills. 

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